Monday, January 21, 2013

Ho Ho Ho!

This was our first Christmas at home, just our little family . . .  (actually I'm starting to realize our family isn't all that little anymore . . . crazy!)  We had so much fun together!  We love being with grandparents, but there was something special about being in our own home on Christmas morning, and starting our own family traditions.  The kids kept telling me this was their best Christmas EVER!  

Pictures of the excitement (I just realized I did not take a single picture of Jason and I, but I swear we were there!)  . . . 

All dressed up for Christmas Sunday:

We invited Jason's sister, Katie, and her family over for Christmas Eve dinner and the kids put on a nativity play for us. 

The kids in their Christmas jammies:

We set out cookies for Santa, and carrots for his reindeer:

Joshua, Olivia and Ethan had a slumber party in Joshua's room on Christmas Eve.  They stayed up late watching movies and talking about the presents Santa would bring them the next morning.  Oh man, they crack me up!

The goods from Santa:

Opening presents on Christmas morning:
And finally . . . what Christmas post would be complete without the Christmas morning video?  I love my kids, and I love Christmas!  Putting the two together . . . there's nothing better!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Family Picture- 2012

Jason, Shanna, Joshua (7), Olivia (5), Ethan (2) and Logan (6 months)