Thursday, November 20, 2014

Daddy-Daughter Date

Jason took Olivia on their first Daddy-Daughter date.  They went to the movies together and then out for treats.  Livi felt totally grown-up and special . . . she even told Jason about her secret crush from school on the way home.  She's growing up, and I'm so glad she got to spend some time with her "Pa"!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Half-Birthdays for Everyone!

Fall is half-birthday season for our family.  All our kids have birthdays within a few weeks of one another, so we get to eat a lot of cake!  They also get to choose what we have for dinner on their half-birthday.  Here are the kids in all their half-cake glory!

Logan (A.K.A. Chewbie)
Age: 2 and 1/2
Dinner of choice: Taco Soup

Ethan (A.K.A. The Ethanator)
Age: 4 and 1/2
Dinner of choice: Chicken Pillows

Olivia (A.K.A. Liv)
Age: 7 and 1/2
Dinner of choice: Roast with mashed potatoes

Joshua (A.K.A. Ja)
Age: 9 and 1/2
Dinner of choice: Roast with mashed potatoes

Happy Half-Birthday to my crazy kiddos!  I love you guys!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Our Lil' Monster!

Ethan finished his very first soccer season.  After watching his big brother play for years, he was excited it was finally his turn to play.  His team chose "The Monsters" as their team name, and we had so much fun cheering him on from the sidelines.

Ethan is probably the most uncompetitive little boy I know.  He genuinely doesn't care if he wins or loses . . . he just likes to run around on the field and have fun.  He wants everybody to have a good time.  At first it drove Jason and I (two ultra-competitive parents) crazy.  He would stop every two or three minutes to turn and give us a big thumbs up, and we would yell, "Run Ethan!  Steal the ball!"  But after a few games we started giving him a big thumbs up every time he looked at us and we would just laugh at what a funny little guy he is.  We love our Ethanator!

Here's to another little soccer player in the family!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!

We had a great Halloween!  It was busy . . . as is everything in our life . . . but it was also a lot of fun.

The kiddos in their costumes:

Chewbie as his favorite superhero, Captain America!

Ethan as the Red Power Ranger (I hope he grows out of this power ranger obsession before TOO long!)

Olivia as the cutest darn dalmation ever!

Joshua as Darth Vader (There aren't many Star Wars characters left for him to dress up as!)

Jason's office goes ALL OUT for Halloween.  They spend weeks decorating, with each department choosing a different theme.  Then they invite all the families to come see it on Halloween night.  It was seriously amazing!  There was a lego land, a zombie apocalypse, a land made all of candy . . . I don't think they got any work done leading up to that night, but it was fun!

Steve and Alyse hosted dinner and trick-or-treating at their house.  We had to split up this year.  Jason took the older kids so they could run from house to house.  I took the little guys who refuse to even get out of the stroller.  Chewbie is at the age where he says literally whatever he is thinking, and there were definitely some embarrassing moments . . . At one house a little, old lady (not dressed up as anything mind you) opened the door.  Chewbie pointed right up at her and said, "Mom, look at that scary, scary witch!"  I pretty much wanted to die right there.  I do love trick-or-treating with my kids though.  I'll be sad when they no longer want me to take them.

Happy Halloween from us!!