Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Soccer Fam

We survived another season of soccer in the Davis family!  This was Joshua's last season with the Peaks.  He was invited to try out for a state team, and after A LOT of deliberating and pros/cons lists, he decided to go for it.  We have loved our Peaks team, and the decision was especially hard for Jason because he has been the team's assistant coach and has gotten close to all the boys.  We knew it was the right thing for Joshua to do, but change is always hard!

Fortunately, we ended our run with the Peaks on a high note!  After an undefeated season, we went all the way to the tournament finals.  We lost the final game by 1 point, but the boys played amazing and Joshua got another trophy for his room!

Ethan had an awesome season too!  He played with a city league this year and he scored a goal in every game... Go Eth!

He got an awesome medal to hang in his room too!

We bought Jason and the older kids season tickets to the BYU Men's soccer games.  They had a pretty crummy season, but the kids loved every minute of the games. They made it a tradition to pick up Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on their way home . . . which I was more than happy to help them eat!

We are a goal-scoring, loud cheering, soccer-loving family and proud of it!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

9 Years Old!!

Our sweet Olivia turned nine on May 3... Time is flying' by!  She wanted to have a super-exclusive Girl's Day Out with her mom . . . lunch, pedicures, and shopping!  I was all too happy to oblige! 

Since her birthday fell on a school day, I told Livi she could ditch school for the day.  She didn't want her school friends to miss out on birthday treats, so she took cupcakes to school the day before her birthday . . . 

On her Birthday, I told her we could go to lunch at ANY restaurant of her choosing . . . she chose McDonalds ha ha!

Olivia is my smoothie buddy . . . there isn't anything we love more than a good smoothie.  She got one in each flavor because she just couldn't choose one!

Then we went to the nail salon to have our nails done.  Olivia got gel nails for the first time, and she was loving the special kid-sized chair and DVD player they had for her.  It was the royal treatment for sure!

After the salon, we drove to the mall to hit Livi's favorite store . . . Claire's!  I told her she could pick out something special for her Birthday and she chose a little stuffed kitten.  As we were walking through the mall, she said, "This is the best day of my life because you are spending so much time and money on me!"  Love this girl!

The boys were excited when we got home because it meant it was time for cake!

Presents were a big hit too!  Livi got everything she had hoped for, and then some!  She got Shopkins, a new purse, and each of the boys raided their piggy banks to give her some spending money.  Sweetest thing I ever saw!

Jason and I surprised her with a gymnastics mat that she can practice her tumbling passes on.  She loves it and uses it every day!

My little Olivia . . . she is more special than she even knows!  I am so grateful Heavenly Father has allowed me to be her mother.  She is everything that is lovely and feminine in this world, and I couldn't imagine my life without her.  Love you Liv!!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Traveling the Country!

Since Jason started with Showroom Logic, he's had a lot of opportunities to travel around the country working with clients.  He usually has a trip once a month or so.  He's been to New York, Florida, Chicago, Denver, Boston, North Carolina, Texas . . . and probably more that I can't recall at the moment.  He's been able to see some awesome sights, and he's been able to visit some of his siblings that live around the country.  We miss him when he's gone, but the kids love it when he sends them pictures of what he's up to . . . 

Jason loves his work with Showroom, and we are so grateful he works hard every day to provide for us.  Love you Babe!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Movin' On Up!

Our kids are growing up and it's time for a bigger home!  After about six months of house hunting . . . searching for the perfect home, in the perfect neighborhood, with the perfect schools . . . we finally decided we are the pickiest people on planet earth, and we just have to build!  In April, we came across a lot in a beautiful neighborhood just 10 minutes from where we are now.  The goal was to keep Joshua in the same Junior High as his friends, and the location was perfection.  We signed on the lot, found an awesome builder, and our new home should be complete this October!

The kids love to visit the lot every day to see the progress being made on the house . . . 

Jason and I love the view from our future front door . . .

There's so much to get done before October, but we feel incredibly blessed and we are so excited to move into our new home!