Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sledding Fun!

We have an awesome sledding hill in our neighborhood.  Every day after school, the kids beg to go sledding.  We haven't had a ton of snow this winter, but Jason has been able to take them a few times . . . 

There is seriously nothing funnier than Ethan in his snow suit.  We die laughing every time he puts it on . . .

Hooray for snow!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Growing Up

In November, Logan officially became a nursery boy . . . Hallelujah!!  He had been looking forward to nursery for a long time.  Every week when we dropped Ethan off, Logan would beg to go with him.  Naturally, we were expecting it to be a smooth transition . . . Oh how wrong we were!  The moment Logan discovered he was being put in a different nursery than his big brother, the reaction was something akin to this:

He pretty much looked like that for the entire two hours of nursery.  Fortunately, when we got home his big sister found him a cookie, and he went right back to his happy self (cookies have magical powers in our house).

Growing up is hard to do!