Monday, July 22, 2013

Cub Scouts!

Joshua is now officially a cub scout.  I can't even describe how excited he is.  He thinks it is so cool to be a wolf!  He loves to look at Jason's patches from his scouting days, and he's always looking through his scouting book and planning out what he's going to earn next.  Unfortunately for him, he has a mother who knows NOTHING about scouting . . . but I'm learning as we go. =)  

He recently had his first pinewood derby.  He decided he wanted a tiger car, because the tiger is his favorite animal.  I think we stressed over that car for three weeks!  Jason and I had to keep reminding ourselves that it wasn't OUR car.  Anyway, it turned out great in the end, and Joshua was so proud when his car went all the way to the finals.  It didn't win in the end, and I think Jason may have shed a tear or two (just kidding).  I guess there's room to improve next year!

We're so excited for Joshua and all the things he's going to learn as a scout.  With three boys, I know we're going to spend a lot of time at day camps and pack meetings in the future . . . Wish me luck!