Monday, November 25, 2013

Trick or Treat!!

I LOVE Halloween . . . Especially with kids!  I love shopping for costumes, chili cook-offs, school parties, trick-or-treating . . . the whole shebang!  And Halloween this year did not disappoint.  Here are a gazillion pictures of our 2013 Halloween festivities . . .

The kiddos in their costumes:

Logan as our lightweight boxing champ:

Ethan as our Knight in Shining Armor:

Olivia as our sweet Minnie Mouse:

and Joshua as our fierce Black Ninja:

We had fun at our ward's trunk-or-treat.  Livi won a prize for "cutest costume":

Our pumpkin this year (Jason wanted to give him some awesome 80's sunglasses):

We went to Joshua and Livi's school to watch them march in their Halloween parade:

And we drove to Springville this year to trick-or-treat with cousins.  The kids got SO MUCH candy!  We're still working on eating it all (and I'm not even one of those good moms who regulates how much candy her children eat)!

Happy Halloween everyone!  We hope you had as much fun as we did!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lovin' Fall!

Jesica and Chris came to town with their girls for a wedding in late September.  We met up with them one evening at the Evans Family Farm in Lehi.  It is the cutest place ever!  They have a corn maze, a pumpkin patch, a hay ride, and even a little petting zoo.  The kids were in heaven, and we had so much fun being together.  I LOVE fall!!

Some pictures of the fun:

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Shredderzz!

Joshua has had an awesome fall soccer season!  He's found his niche playing Defense, and it has been fun for us to cheer him on and watch him grow as a player.  His team chose to call themselves "The Shredderzz" . . . I guess the double z's give the name more impact! They've had fun together, and Joshua is already looking forward to their next season in the spring.


Go Shredderzz!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hogle Zoo

On Labor Day, we took the kids to Hogle Zoo.  Joshua LOVES the zoo.  I seriously think he would go every weekend if we let him.

They have an awesome bird show there.  We've seen it three times this year, but the kids still love it . . . except Ethan.  Ethan is terrified of the birds and insists on sitting under the bleacher for the majority of the show.

Before the bird show, they invited all the kids to go down to the stage for a dance contest.  Livi won the contest, and her prize was a free ride on the carousel!

Some pictures of the kiddos:

Joshua has a slight obsession with tigers.  He insisted we take a picture of him in front of his favorite painting.

We love Hogle Zoo!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

First Day of School!

We are in full school-mode now!  This means setting out clothes at night, waking up early to make lunches, lots of homework and after-school clubs . . . We LOVE it all!  Seriously, I'm one of those people that just loves everything about school and I think it's rubbed off on my kids. =)   Here they are on their first day:

First Grade- Miss Abriel
Favorite thing about school: art projects

Third Grade- Ms. Mueller
Favorite thing about school: writing stories

I love these two!  It's been an adjustment having both of them gone all day, but I'm also really proud of them and the good little students they are becoming.  Hooray for school!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rodeo Fun!

When my sister, Tara, was in town this summer, we decided to take the kids to the Spanish Fork Rodeo.  I had never been to a rodeo before.  I have to say, it was actually really fun!  Normally, bull-riding and cowboy boots aren't really my thing . . . but we had so much fun being together, eating the awesome rodeo food (homemade donuts = happiness) and watching the fireworks afterword.  We've decided we need to make it a family tradition!  

Some pictures of the fun:

Now that I've been to a rodeo, I'd say I'm totally an official cowgirl . . . Yee Haw! =)