Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodbye Kindergarten!

 Joshua had his last day of kindergarten.  He is more than a little excited to be an "official first grader!"  He had a program at school with lots of singing and he played Foxy Loxy in their "Chicken Little" skit.
Joshua has loved his teacher, Mrs. Mikulecky (to this day he can't pronounce her name right!) and he has made so many friends this year.
We will miss kindergarten, but we are also so ready for summer to begin!  Woo Hoo!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

So Pretty!

Olivia and I have a little tradition.  After I take Joshua to kindergarten in the morning, and Ethan is down for his nap, we "get beautiful" together.  She sits on the bathroom counter next to me, and we talk while we do our hair and makeup.  She takes face painting to a whole new level.  This was today's result . . .
She was so proud.  (Don't worry, I make her wash her face before we go in public.)  I love my little girl!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day weekend.  My sisters were here for our race, so Jason volunteered to watch all the kids while we went shopping on Saturday.  He also surprised me with lots of chocolate and some gorgeous flowers.  Thanks Babe!
Joshua surprised me with a book he made at school.  It was entitled, "My Mom."  I can only imagine what his teacher was thinking as she helped him write it . . .
It's nice to know that years later, when my children think back on their mother, they will remember she liked to eat cookies and watch killing shows . . . what a legacy!

Monday, May 9, 2011

We Did It!!

This past weekend, my sisters and I ran the Provo Half-Marathon.  It was an amazing experience for each of us, made more meaningful by the fact that we did it together.  We trained in three different states . . . Jesica in Arizona, Tara in Idaho, and me here in Utah.  Each day, we would text or call one another to give support, celebrate victories and offer encouragement.  So many times as I ran in the mornings, it was the thought of my sisters that kept me going.  The week of the race, I did my final long run, and I was struggling.  I started to make a list in my mind of all the things my sisters and I have overcome to get where we have . . .

weather (everything from snow to rain to blazing heat)
shin splints
bad knees
lack of time
sick kids
husband's crazy schedules
lack of sleep

The list goes on and on . . . But we did it!  We set a goal, and we did it!!

Our awesome shirts we made for the race:
We put the nicknames we grew up with on the back:
Tara and I ran the 2-person relay together . . . we each ran 6.5 miles. We made a great team:
Showing off our medals:
Jason and the kids cheered for me at the Finish line.  Jason has been an amazing support over the last few months.  Love you babe!
And of course, we squeezed in some good food and shopping while we were together (Dalby girls always find a way to shop)!

To Jesica and Tara-  I feel so incredibly blessed to have you as sisters.  Thank you for the love, the support and the pep talks.  I couldn't have done it without you!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Princess is 4!

Olivia turned 4 yesterday!  We were all relieved the day had finally arrived, as she has been praying, "Please bless my Birthday will be tomorrow!" every night for about a month now. =) We celebrated with a trip to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum.  It's pretty much the coolest place a kid can go.  In one day they rode in a helicopter, built a skyscraper, went grocery shopping, rode a horse, delivered the news on TV, dressed up like animals in a jungle and set up house.  A few pictures of the fun . . .
After the museum, we went home and had a little princess party, complete with cake and presents..
Oh how we love our sweet little girl.  She sees the beauty in everything around her.  Happy 4th Birthday Princess!