Monday, February 29, 2016

Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

Joshua and Olivia both tried out for Riverview's annual musical again.  This year, the directors chose to do The Wizard of Oz, and I could not have been more excited! The kids were both cast as munchkins . . . lots of singing and lots of dancing.  We had "Ding, Dong the Witch is dead" and "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" stuck in our heads for about 3 months straight . . . LOVE!

The kids all dressed up in their costumes:

Joshua with his fellow Lollipop Guild members:

Olivia with her BFF Sara (who was an Ozian):

The kids performing on stage (They were seriously so fabulous!):

The final bow on closing night (I may have shed a tear or two):

We were grateful to have lots of family there to support the kids:

Joshua and Livi's teachers also came to cheer them on:

It was so much fun . . . and so much work!  We are ready for a little break.  Bravo to both Joshua and Livi!  We love you guys!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Love Day!

Jason and I celebrated our 15th Valentine's Day together this year . . . crazy!  We dropped the kids off with Grandpa and Grandma Dalby and went to dinner.  It was so nice to spend some alone time together.  Life has gotten busier and crazier over the years, but as cheesy as it might sound . . . we truly have never been happier!

Jason surprised all the girls in the family with flowers and candy. Olivia still has her flowers right next to her bed so she can look at them every day and "protect them from the boys!"

Happy Love Day everyone!