Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hoppy Easter!!

We had a fabulous Easter this year!  It happened to fall on General Conference weekend, which made it even more fabulous!  (There's nothing better than spending Easter morning watching conference in your jammies!)  We spent the Saturday before Easter watching conference, decorating Easter eggs and writing letters to the Easter Bunny. . . 

Joshua is starting to get curious.  He decided to ask the hard questions this year. . . 

I taught the kids how to draw "B Bunnies" (a classic from my childhood), and Ethan was very proud of the B Bunny he drew on his letter . . .

And of course, Olivia's letter was about the sweetest thing ever . . .

The Easter Bunny brought the kids lots of toys and goodies . . .

On Sunday we drove to Springville to have Easter dinner with Jason's family.  Honey Baked Ham anyone?  Yes, Please!

The older cousins put on an Easter egg hunt for the little ones . . . 

It was all so much fun!  Happy Easter everyone!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Double Digits!

Joshua turned 10 on March 29 . . . double digits baby!  We had a little family party on his actual birthday, with his favorite kind of cake (funfetti) and lots of gifts!

He was just a little excited about the Real Salt Lake jersey we gave him!

A few days later, Joshua had a second party with his friends.  Jason picked up all the boys and took them to a trampoline park where they played dodge ball and showed off their best trampoline tricks.  (I think Jason had as much fun as they did!)

The boys (Dean, Mason, Dylan, Joshua and Spencer):

Side Note:  Jason said a group of girls came up to the boys at the trampoline park and asked them if they wanted to "go out" with them . . . I assume this means you jump together while you're there, only to leave and never see each other again?  SO not ready for this stage!!

Once they were sufficiently exhausted, the boys came home for pizza and cake.  

I can't believe we have a ten-year-old!  He's a good one.  Seriously . . . we couldn't ask for a better son.  Happy Birthday Ja!  We love you more than you know!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Peter Pan!!

Every year, the kids' school puts on a musical.  (We're talking a full-on legit musical . . . seriously, the most professional Elementary school musicals you've ever seen!)  This year they announced they would be doing "Peter Pan."  So fun!!  You have to be in the fourth grade or older to audition for a lead role, but I was excited that Olivia could at least audition to be an extra.  Joshua has never, and I mean NEVER, shown an ounce of interest in singing, acting, dancing . . . basically anything that is involved in a musical!  The day before auditions, he suddenly announced that he wanted to try out for a lead.  I was totally shocked.  Being the supportive mother that I am, I even tried to talk him out of it.  He was determined to try out anyway.  We stayed up all night learning the solo he would have to sing and the lines he would give as part of his audition.  The next day, I watched anxiously as he tried out . . . and he was amazing!  Seriously, he was SO good.  I felt like the worst mother in the world for trying to talk him out of it all.  A few days later, the casting list was posted and we were beyond excited to see he'd been given the role of Michael Darling.  Olivia had also gotten the role of a fairy . . . exactly what she'd been hoping for!  The next three months were spent attending rehearsals, memorizing lines, and listening to "Peter Pan" songs over and over . . . and over in the car.  Joshua also had to practice his skating because he did the entire musical wearing heelys to simulate flying.  It felt like "Peter Pan" had taken over our lives, but we'd do it all again in a heartbeat.  It was SO much fun to watch the kids perform!!

Joshua as Michael Darling:

Olivia as a dancing Fairy:

The leads:

Performing on stage:

The final bows:

Lots of support from family:

We're relieved it's over (I still sing Peter Pan songs in my sleep!), but we're also sad at the same time. It was an amazing experience for the kids.  We'll miss you Peter Pan!!