Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It has been a long road, but our Joshua is now officially potty-trained!! After months of pleading and begging, we finally resorted to full-on bribery (it's amazing what a ring-pop or a transformer will accomplish). Joshua is very happy to be a "big boy" now, and I am very happy to finally leave the house without a purse full of extra underwear. :-)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Our family had a great 4th together! The kids and I went to a barbeque with my parents while Jason worked. Later, we met up for dinner and fireworks. Joshua was so excited ... well, until the fireworks actually started. Then he and Livi decided fireworks are more terrifying than they are exciting. Joshua kept saying, "The bombs are too loud!" With their heads buried into my shoulders, Jason and I enjoyed a great show. As we packed up to leave, Joshua surprised us by saying, "That was fun Mom!!"

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Day in Jason's Shoes (The Ones He's Always Getting Rid of so He Can Get New Ones) ...

Jason spends most of his waking hours as a manager for Qdoba Restaurants. He recently became certified as a trainer, and has been moving from store to store strengthening the customer service skills in his region. Jason works hard, and we love him for that. We also love him for the free food he brings home every night! (After all this time, I still crave the Mango Salad. Yum!) I know Jason's home from work when I hear "Pa!!!" and a mad rushing sound as Joshua and Livi race to the front door. They love to play football together (Even Livi), watch Spongebob, and run in the grass outside. Jason's a great dad! Our computer is Jason's second love -I insist on being his first. He's always researching new cars, cell phones, or other electronics I'm sure we don't need but he considers to be "investments". What's funny is the computer was supposedly MY Valentine's gift. Hmm ...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Day in Shanna's Shoes (The Flip-Flops That Have Sadly Replaced Her Cute, Uncomfortable Shoes) ...

I'm a mom ... so obviously the majority of my day centers around my two sweet kids. We love to spend time at the park, the library, or the swimming pool. We have a blast together, and I thank my Heavenly Father every day for the opportunity to stay home with them. I have this little hobby (OK, so my family says it's a major obsession) called "ebay shopping." Finding adorable clothes for my kids at way cheap prices gives me a total high. However, I recently decided I need to slow it down a bit when I saw Olivia has 23 dresses hanging in her closet! In February, I was called to serve as a ward missionary. At first I was terrified. Missionary work is contagious though, and I have grown to love my calling. I now find myself reading "Preach My Gospel" and using phrases like "O.Y.M." (Open Your Mouth). Who would have guessed?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Day in Joshua's Shoes (The Ones That Always Seem to be on the Wrong Feet) ...

Our Joshua has a BIG imagination. Lately, he loves to pretend he is a superhero. He's always creating strange gadgets, and he carries them everywhere he goes. I ask him, "Joshua, why are you carrying that hanger and can opener (or whatever it happens to be that day) around?" He simply tells me "Mom, this is my power." You will never find Joshua without his favorite blanket-affectionately known as "Favit Bee." Favit Bee is now a member of our family. Joshua will inform me, "Favit Bee loves this show" or "Favit Bee wants to go on a walk." Favit Bee is also the regular subject of Joshua's prayers. We have tried on many occasions to buy him a new blanket, but it looks like Favit Bee is here to stay. Joshua also loves to play "guys" with Jason. They set up their little green army men on opposite ends of Joshua's bed; Then the war begins. What I hear from the other room is a lot of shooting noises, bombs, and a few phrases like "Hey Man, you got me!" Boys ... Joshua brings so much fun and laughter into our family. We love our sweet boy!