Saturday, June 25, 2016

Go Jazz!

Jason and Joshua have been dying to see Kobe Bryant play before he retires.  They were so excited when my Dad let them use his season tickets to see the Jazz play the Lakers.

Joshua was able to high-five some of the players after the game.  He was in heaven!

I'm so glad these two were able to have a guy's night out together.  Go Jazz!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Chewbie is 4!

Our Chewbie turned four on May 26!  (And yes, we still call him Chewbie.  We probably always will).  After watching all the other kids celebrate their birthdays, he was more than ready for his special day! We went swimming at the Legacy Center to celebrate . . . 

We had a blast swimming together!  Once we were sufficiently exhausted, we headed home for cake and presents!

Oh Chewbie . . . so much personality in one little boy!  He makes us all laugh, and we can't imagine life without him.  Happy Birthday Chew!  We love you!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Our First Home

With construction on our new home started, it was time to put our current home up for sale.  We decided to take a risk and sell it on our own.  The risk paid off!  We sold it for our asking price the first day we put it on the market.  I was SO relieved we wouldn't have to do showings for weeks on end, but reality really set in the moment we accepted that offer.  As excited as we are for our new home, this home was our first . . . and we've had so many amazing memories here.  It will be hard to say goodbye!

A few photos to remember our first home by . . .

We are looking forward to making more amazing memories in our new home!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

First Birthday!

Brooklyn turned one on May 15.  She is the absolute darling of the family, and we were so excited to celebrate her special day with her!  Her birthday fell on a Sunday, so we had a fun party at home with family...lots of cake and presents!

So many fun presents to open!  She got a baby doll, a quiet book for church, and a little scooter that makes her dance!

To say she enjoyed her cake would be a major understatement!

In fact, she enjoyed her cake SO much that she went straight to the bathtub when she was finished!

Brooklyn has brought so much joy to our lives . . . there's a lot of personality in that little body of hers!  We can't imagine our family without her.  Happy Birthday to our baby princess!  We love you!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mom, The Campaign Manager

Joshua and Olivia both decided to run for Student Council for the upcoming school year . . . a BIG deal at their school.  I felt like a full-on campaign manager!  They each had to write two essays on the qualities found in a good leader and the impact they would have on their school as an officer, make campaign posters to hang in the halls at school, and write a speech.  First they gave the speech to their classmates, after which the top student from each class moved on to give their speech in front of the entire school.  After a school-wide vote, the top two students from each grade became the next year's student council officers.  Joshua was old enough to run for Student-body president and he decided to go for it.  After a week of campaigning, he ended up losing to his good friend by only 1 vote . . .   It was a heart breaker!   He didn't give up though.  He ran the following week for a sixth-grade officer and won by a landslide.   I was so proud of him!

Olivia's grade had more than 20 kids running this year!  She was so nervous about giving her speech, but she rocked it in the end.  She spoke about the importance of being kind to everyone and stopping playground bullying.  After winning her class vote, she went on to the school-wide vote . . .  and she won!

I couldn't be more proud of my kids . . . and I love that they go for it when they want something!  Congratulations Ja and Livi!  I love you both!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Soccer Fam

We survived another season of soccer in the Davis family!  This was Joshua's last season with the Peaks.  He was invited to try out for a state team, and after A LOT of deliberating and pros/cons lists, he decided to go for it.  We have loved our Peaks team, and the decision was especially hard for Jason because he has been the team's assistant coach and has gotten close to all the boys.  We knew it was the right thing for Joshua to do, but change is always hard!

Fortunately, we ended our run with the Peaks on a high note!  After an undefeated season, we went all the way to the tournament finals.  We lost the final game by 1 point, but the boys played amazing and Joshua got another trophy for his room!

Ethan had an awesome season too!  He played with a city league this year and he scored a goal in every game... Go Eth!

He got an awesome medal to hang in his room too!

We bought Jason and the older kids season tickets to the BYU Men's soccer games.  They had a pretty crummy season, but the kids loved every minute of the games. They made it a tradition to pick up Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on their way home . . . which I was more than happy to help them eat!

We are a goal-scoring, loud cheering, soccer-loving family and proud of it!!