Monday, April 28, 2014

Joshua's Baptism


On March 28, Joshua chose to be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It was a special day for our family . . . one that we will always remember.

Joshua had looked forward to his baptism for a long time.  When he met with our Bishop for his baptism interview, the Bishop told us Joshua was the most prepared eight-year-old he had ever interviewed.  

We went to the church early to set everything up, and Joshua could hardly stand still he was so excited!

Watching Jason lead Joshua into the font was a beautiful moment for me.  They have always had an especially close relationship.  Jason said after they left the font and entered the changing room, they did their secret handshake and gave one another a big hug.

It was a blessing to have family there with us . . . Both sets of Grandparents plus aunts, uncles and cousins too!

As I was cleaning up after the baptism, Joshua grabbed my hand and said, "Mom, I feel so different inside, like there is something inside of me.  Now I can't be bad anymore . . . it's going to be really hard!"

I've had a lot of amazing moments as a mother, moments when I felt really proud of my children.  But there was something about watching my son receive the ordinances that will lead him to everything that really matters in life . . . it was a joy I had never felt before.

We love you Joshua, and we are so proud of the person you are choosing to become!