Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Sunny Thanksgiving!

In November, we drove to sunny Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with Jason's family.  Almost all his siblings were able to be there- no small feat for the Davis family!  Allison was kind enough to play host to the lot of us.  It was SO much fun . . . I hardly saw my kids the entire week!  They wanted to spend every minute of every day with their cousins.  Get ready for a lot of photos . . .

Arizona was a blast.  The 13 hour car ride to GET to Arizona . . . not so much a blast.  Fortunately we found this guy at a rest stop to cheer us up (He was seriously so real looking, it was freaky).

The best thing about Thanksgiving in Arizona?  We can spend it outside . . . and we don't freeze our booties off!

The neighbors had this crazy swing contraption that we couldn't get enough of.

No Thanksgiving is complete without a Turkey Bowl!

The Feast (for all 42 of us!) . . .


The girls did some Black Friday shopping.  So much fun!

We had a talent show one night.  Olivia sang "Somewhere Out There" for everyone, and Joshua showcased one of his drawings.

We went to the Mesa temple one night to see the amazing Christmas lights.

We are so grateful we were able to spend Thanksgiving with family.  We know a lot of sacrifices were made to bring us all together, but we made some awesome memories!  Love you all!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Half-Birthday Kiddos!

We recently celebrated half-Birthdays with each of the kids.  They are growing up too fast for my taste, but it was fun to celebrate with each of them.  Here they are in all their half-birthday glory . . .

Logan- Age 1 and 1/2:

Ethan- Age 3 and 1/2:

Olivia- Age 6 and 1/2:

Joshua- Age 8 and 1/2:
Happy Half-Birthday to my awesome kids!  I love you!!

Lego Club!

The kids' school started a Lego Club this year . . . Joshua's dream come true!  They call themselves the Riverview Brickheads, and they meet every Tuesday after school.  They are given assignments like, "Build a mode of transportation that could take you to the moon," or "Create a replica of your own face using legos."  He is having so much fun.  Go Brickheads!