Thursday, March 26, 2015

Girl Crazy!

When we had Logan, I was certain we were done having babies.  Four was a handful and I had no desire to be pregnant again.  I gave away all my maternity clothes, all my baby stuff . . . and then our Olivia told me she was praying every night for a little sister.  She felt certain that if she prayed for a little sister, Heavenly Father would answer her prayers.  I told her it doesn't quite work that way.  But it did prick something inside my heart.  I started to pray about it myself.  And then I knew there was another baby waiting to come to our family.  What I didn't know was if that baby would be the little sister Olivia had been praying for.  When Jason and I went to my 20-week ultrasound and the technician told us our baby is a girl, I bawled.  Another little princess to love . . . and a sister for Livi! 

Now, Olivia and I are completely girl-crazy.  We cannot enter a store without scouring the baby section for cuteness.  As is evidenced by today's shopping spree . . . 

A Girl!!!!  I can't wait to hold her and tell her that she is truly an answer to our prayers!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Ethanator is 5!

On March 19, our Ethan turned five!  He had been looking forward to this day for a long time, and it didn't disappoint!  He took birthday treats to his friends at preschool . . . cupcakes and "monkey smoothies" (what my kids call Danimals yogurts). 

Then Jason surprised him by picking him up from preschool and taking him to the movie theatre to see "Paddington."  Ethan felt so special being the only one that got to go to the movies with Pa!!

After the movie we picked up cousins and went to dinner at Johnny Rockets.  When I asked Ethan what he wanted to do for his birthday, he told me he wanted to go "that really cool restaurant at the outside stores" (we spend more time than we should at the Outlet mall) . . . so Johnny Rockets it was!

Last but not least, we celebrated with a Power Rangers Birthday cake and lots of gifts.  After each gift, Ethan would exclaim, "That is JUST what I always wanted!"

We love our special guy so much.  Jason and I seriously tear up when we talk about Ethan because he has such a good, pure heart.  Our family wouldn't be the same without him.  Happy Birthday Eth!  We love you!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

4 Down . . . 1 to Go!

Our little Chewbie is officially potty-trained!  After three terrible potty-trainers, I finally got an easy one!  (He will do ANYTHING for a Captain America toy.)  And he is rocking his Superman undies . . . seriously, have you ever seen anything cuter?  I think not!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Children's Discovery Museum

Jason's sister, Allison, and her family came to town for Spring Break.  We all met up at the Thanksgiving Point Children's Museum for some fun.  The kids loved it there!  Seriously . . . we were there for four hours, and could have easily stayed longer.  

They have a scale that tells you how you weigh in comparison to a hippo.  Seeing as I was 9 months pregnant, I decided not to step on that one . . .

Jason was exceedingly proud of this lego house he the kids built . . .

Playground fun . . .

Note that right after this picture, Joshua flew so high that his head hit the wire and he nearly cut his ear off.  Lots of blood . . . but it was fun while it lasted!

Water fun . . .

After the museum, the girls hit up the outlets for some shopping.  Livi was looking extra fashionable, so we had to get a photo . . .

We love it when family comes to town!