Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wide Mouth Frog

Last month, Olivia's kindergarten class put on a musical called "Wide Mouth Frog".  It was about a frog who talks too much . . . (very fitting for kindergartners!)  Olivia played a lion who sang, "I eat elephants and monkeys . . . anything but skunkies!"  

She practiced her part for weeks before the performance.  (Livi loves to sing while I do her hair each morning.  She's always practicing for something!) 

She did an awesome job! We were very proud of our little lion.  Bravo Livi!  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Easter 2013

OK, so I know Easter was two months ago . . . better late than never, right?  We had a great Easter this year.  My parents were in town (Have I mentioned they are moving to Utah next month? Hooray for babysitters!), and the kids loved having Grandpa and Grandma Dalby here.  We decorated Easter eggs (no pictures, but Logan did manage to eat a dye tablet from the kit . . . his skin was blue the rest of the night . . . sigh), and Livi helped Grandma make the traditional Dalby bunny cake:

The kids made a Thank You note for the Easter Bunny:

and the Easter Bunny paid the kids a visit:

After church, I made everyone take a few pictures.  The grumbling and complaining from the boys was nonstop.  Livi, on the other hand . . . she never turns down a good photo op:

The whole family.  Is it just me, or does our family look huge?:

The boys looking handsome in their suits:

The girls posing for the camera:

Our attempt at a kid picture (at least it's a true representation of these four!):

After the EXCRUCIATING pictures, we had an awesome ham dinner with my mom's homemade rolls . . . and Razzleberry pie! (My Dad and I can never get enough Razzleberry pie!)  It was the perfect ending to a great couple days.  Happy really, really late Easter everyone!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

First Steps!

Logan took his first steps a few weeks ago.  I've never had a baby walk so young.  He really wants to keep up with his big sibs!  Now he has completely given up crawling.  The other day, Ethan was playing with Logan in their room.  I walked by the room and heard Ethan say, "Logi, we don't want you to walk.  Now you are growing up, and we have no more baby at our house!"  He's definitely been listening to his Mom. =)