Sunday, June 24, 2012


Four kids . . . is craziness.  For the first time in my life, I really feel I just CANNOT keep up with it all.  And so here I am, blogging in the middle of the night.  I can't not blog about our sweet little Logan.  Perhaps the reason I can't keep up with it all is because I just want to hold him all day long and stare at him.  I have a confession . . . I was scared when I went into labor.  Not because of what I was about to go through, but because I was about to give birth to a baby I'd been too busy to really think about.  Building a house, moving, keeping up with three crazy kids . . . I wasn't ready.  And I was scared I wouldn't love this baby right away like I did my other kids.  Then he was born.  Jason placed him in my arms, and I held him for the first time.  He was so tiny, so perfect, so sweet . . . I fell instantly in love.

The kids came to see us in the hospital, and the moment they held Logan they too fell in love.  Joshua was excited to have a little mini-me (Logan looks just like he did as a baby), Olivia wanted to sing him a lullaby, and Ethan just gave him lots of little kisses on his cheek . . .

Now we're home, and Logan has brought such a sweet spirit to our family.  I've never seen our kids be so gentle.  They love to cuddle with their little brother.

Welcome to our family Logan!  We're so blessed to have you, and we love you more than you know!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Introducing . . .

Logan Maxwell Davis
Born May 26, 2012
8:57 a.m.

7 lbs.  6 oz.
21 inches long

He's sweet, he's healthy and he's adorable!  
We're smitten!!

Our Preschool Graduate

Olivia graduated from Legacy Preschool on May 23rd.  She took her graduation very seriously, and practiced her part for the program ("A makes the A-A-A sound!") diligently.  For weeks before the big day, we would hear her practicing songs in the bathtub, in the car, in bed, and just about everywhere else.  The day of graduation, she kept saying, "Mom, can you believe I am GRADUATING?!!"  I can't believe it actually . . .  I wish time would slow down.   I'm not ready to send her to kindergarten just yet.

Showing off her diploma:

Posing with her amazing teachers:

The whole gang:

We're so proud of our little girl.  We know she's going to be a kindergarten superstar!  Happy Graduation princess!!

Mother's Day

Joshua made me a Mother's Day gift at school.  It made my day. . .

Translation (for those who don't read "first-grader") . . .

My Special Mother

My mom is the most wonderful Mom in the whole world.  My mom has a pretty smile.  I like to make her smile by helping her.  She can do many things.  I think she's best at making food and being smart.  My mom is as pretty as a rose.  My mother is 5 feet tall.  She weighs 20 pounds.  My mom's favorite food is pancakes.  Her favorite color is red.  All day long my mother takes care of me.  My favorite thing to do with my Mom is play.  My mother is happy when I make good choices.  I wouldn't trade my Mom for pokemon cards.  
Happy Mother's Day!!!

Love, Josh

The Windy City

Three weeks ago, Jason traveled to Chicago with some co-workers to attend the National Restaurant Convention.  Blue Lemon spoiled them rotten.  They stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown Chicago and were able to attend a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, eat at some amazing restaurants (all in the name of research of course), and see the sights of Chicago (including Sears Tower).  Oh yeah, they also did a little bit of work while they were there . . . and I do mean a little bit.  =)  

Some pictures from his trip:
Jason had an awesome visit to the windy city, but I was definitely glad to have him home when the week was done, and relieved I hadn't gone into labor while he was gone.  (If only he'd brought me home some of those cupcakes . . . every time I see that picture I start to drool . . . yum.)