Thursday, October 16, 2014

Taxi Mama

Jason and I both believe really strongly in encouraging our kids to develop their talents and pursue the things they're interested in.  If there's something they want to try, we will find a way for them to do it!  For this reason, our kids are involved in A LOT of activities . . . soccer, cheerleading, pre-school, cub scouts, knowledge bowl, talent shows, lego club, school musicals . . . and more recently Joshua has decided to join a little league track team.  Our lives are CA-RAZY, but we have so much fun cheering everybody on and watching them grow.

I have entered this new stage of motherhood that I've heard so many moms talk about before me, but never really understood until now . . . The "Taxi Mom" stage.  Seriously, I live in my car.  In fact, two days of the week I am in my car for 4 and a half hours straight driving back and forth between practices.  (There's a park I stop at to stretch my legs and use the restroom!)

We have mastered the skill of doing just about everything in the car- changing clothes, doing homework, eating dinner . . . we even do scripture study in the car sometimes.  Chewbie is such a little trooper.  He doesn't have any activities to go to yet, but he's just happy to tag along.  (Sometimes I worry he's going to look back on his childhood and think he was raised in the car!)

It all takes an insane amount of planning.  The kids have learned to set everything out the night before so we're ready.  My bedroom floor usually looks something like this . . .

My life is busy, but I wouldn't trade what I do for anything.  Look out!  Crazy Taxi Mama coming through!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Ethanator Starts Preschool!

The Ethanator is now officially a preschooler!  A week after the kids started school, he had his first day.  He was SO excited to have a school of his own to go to.  On the way to preschool, I told him how much I was going to miss him while he was away.  I asked him if he was going to miss me.  "No, Mom," he stated.  Well then . . .

He loves his teachers.  They go by their first names . . . Miss Cathy, Miss Summer, Miss Amy, etc.  It doesn't matter how many times I've corrected him, he still insists on calling them SISTER Cathy, SISTER Summer . . . it's a good thing we live in Utah!

Everyday when they enter the classroom, the kids get to choose a center to play at.  Ethan always hopes for the cars or the blocks.

Oh Ethan . . . I just love that kid!  It isn't the same without his overly-loud Boston accent around the house.  (For those who don't know Ethan well . . . he sounds like he has a Boston accent when he talks.  Seriously, we don't know where it comes from!)

I'm so proud of my little preschooler!