Friday, May 20, 2016

9 Years Old!!

Our sweet Olivia turned nine on May 3... Time is flying' by!  She wanted to have a super-exclusive Girl's Day Out with her mom . . . lunch, pedicures, and shopping!  I was all too happy to oblige! 

Since her birthday fell on a school day, I told Livi she could ditch school for the day.  She didn't want her school friends to miss out on birthday treats, so she took cupcakes to school the day before her birthday . . . 

On her Birthday, I told her we could go to lunch at ANY restaurant of her choosing . . . she chose McDonalds ha ha!

Olivia is my smoothie buddy . . . there isn't anything we love more than a good smoothie.  She got one in each flavor because she just couldn't choose one!

Then we went to the nail salon to have our nails done.  Olivia got gel nails for the first time, and she was loving the special kid-sized chair and DVD player they had for her.  It was the royal treatment for sure!

After the salon, we drove to the mall to hit Livi's favorite store . . . Claire's!  I told her she could pick out something special for her Birthday and she chose a little stuffed kitten.  As we were walking through the mall, she said, "This is the best day of my life because you are spending so much time and money on me!"  Love this girl!

The boys were excited when we got home because it meant it was time for cake!

Presents were a big hit too!  Livi got everything she had hoped for, and then some!  She got Shopkins, a new purse, and each of the boys raided their piggy banks to give her some spending money.  Sweetest thing I ever saw!

Jason and I surprised her with a gymnastics mat that she can practice her tumbling passes on.  She loves it and uses it every day!

My little Olivia . . . she is more special than she even knows!  I am so grateful Heavenly Father has allowed me to be her mother.  She is everything that is lovely and feminine in this world, and I couldn't imagine my life without her.  Love you Liv!!

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